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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Seedlings Love Fish Fertilizer

 Here's a couple shots of some of our seedlings at six weeks of age.
They are starting to go crazy...and the snow still flies outside.
We are planning on making long, narrow hoop houses to cover each row in our garden this spring, rather than one huge greenhouse structure.
The local winds, heavy spring snow storms, and wide array of temperature needs of our plants has greatly affected our decision to spend alot of money on a huge, high-profile structure. Instead, we will work with each type of plant individually under each tunnel to better meet that specific plants' needs.
 The broccoli, cabbage, and tomatoes and really beginning to get strong, and will be moved into our cooler mudroom in a short few weeks.
 Some of the random items I have recently purchased in preparation for our goat kids: a baby monitor, to listen for signs of midnight labor from the goat shed routed straight to our bedroom, a nasal aspirator, to clear mucousy new born airways, some cute and ridiculous XS doggie sweaters for tiny kids born on cold Montana nights, and last but not least, WINE for the stressed out goat keeper to sip after kidding!!
 Here's our favorite fertilizer to hit our veggie plants with once a month or so....totally cheap and worth every penny! (be warned, very stinky, dogs love.....)
 Hey look! Our turkey poults are getting big! As you can see from the photo, the two turkey poults in front are really starting to take off in size. I think we may have one Tom as well because one of the poults is much larger than the other, with some crazy tail feathers developing....
Last weekend we moved our chicks and poults from the chick brooder to this larger chicken tractor.
The advantage of owning a chicken tractor (Ed made this one for me) is that they don't have a bottom, making them ideal for putting the chickens out in the yard anywhere you want them. It is very light and easy to move around so that your grass doesn't get ruined. Right now, we have the tractor on the ground inside our chicken coop, with some hay layed down for warmth. Also, there is still snow on the ground outside....

Sorry this post is a little all over the place, but I was up until 4 AM last night as we sent off our good friend Joe with a going away party. Joe is moving to Mount Hood, in Oregon, for the summer and working as a Rock Climbing, Back Country Skiing, and Mountaineering Guide. He's awfully fun, and we will miss him, but hope he has a great season out there.
Have a happy Sunday~ The Jack Creek Coyles

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  1. Mt. Hood is a beautiful area. My middle daughter lives in Gresham, Oregon and attends Mt. Hood Community College. I love seeing Mt. Hood in all it's beauty when we go to visit her. I've only seen it from a distance, tho. Maybe sometime I'll get up-close to it. Good luck with the kidding. Keep us posted.