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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

JANET DELIVERS! (2 baby doelings!)

Janet had her kids today! She had a rough night last night, as we could hear over the baby monitor, she was very uncomfortable, tossing and turning....
Today, I noticed she was going into labor as I left for a few hours of work....
(Trust me when I say, I was NOT HAPPY TO LEAVE!)
Ed came home from skiing, to oversee the laboring doe in the event I didn't make it home from work on time, THANK GOODNESS!
Janet delivered her two baby doelings just moments before I pulled (a million miles an hour) into our driveway this afternoon. She did a great job, needing no assistance, which made our complicated situation much less complicated.
 The two doelings just moments after birth, already standing!
 Here, I am introducing each doeling to Janet's udder. They required almost no assistance at all and were very quick learners. (I attribute this fully to the fact they are females.)
 Happy goat keeper! See the other doeling already nursing...Janet looks tired.
 I put the hobble on for just a moment or two to keep Janet from kicking off her baby girls. As soon as she realized 'the program' she was way into it, and I removed the hobble.
 Once the girls has fed a little bit, Janet decided it was cleaning hour and proceeded to lick every square inch of her fuzzy new baby girls....and my entire face as well. She was VERY glad to see me finally I think!
 Both doelings still have about  6 inches of umbilical cord attached, which I doused in Iodine and antiseptic spray to keep out bacteria. They should fall off in the next few days, just like humans.
 The proud mama with her girls.
Those small doggie sweaters are coming in MIGHTY handy on this cold, snowy afternoon and evening!
Needless to say, I am bummed to have just barely missed the actual births of these two gorgeous doelings. BUT could not be happier to have had our first successful kidding, not to mention TWO GIRLS!!!
So happy. La La La...
Stay tuned for 'The Runty Situation'...until then, we adore and play with our newest additions.
Hugs and Warm Molasses Water~ The Jack Creek Coyles


  1. Congratulations! How nice to have two girls!!! They are beautiful goats - will you be milking the mother? Keeping the doelings? I love their sweaters - enjoy your girls.

  2. I will be milking Mom, starting this afternoon. We had also planned to keep any girls from Janet as she is a very well-conformed and social Doe, so happy to have 2 from her! We do not plan to keep any bucklings....

  3. Congrats! How exciting. I also missed our ewe, Staci, delivering her twin ewes. I'd been checking her regularly and the ONE night I missed, of course, pop! Your little girls are adorable.