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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Life Outside the Kidding Pen

Venturing Into the Wild

After a day and a half cooped up in their kidding pens, the new kids decided today was the big day to head out into the wild. Janet has been great so far, not venturing far at all from her kids. Here she is checking out the scene:

Here's General Tsao, our mean rooster, checking out the scene as well, making sure there isn't anything dangerous for the little ones. Orrrrrr, just planning his next sneak attack on me. This guy loves to pretend he's eating bugs till you walk by then WAMMO, he attacks from behind.

The one in the green sweater, possibly named Flo, after a marking on her head that resembles the state of Florida, has been the brave one so far:

Tentatively named Pinky, is a little more timid:

Janet seems to be telling her it's ok to go outside:

Here Flo tries to make friends with Wild Child. "Hey, ummm, I like green too"

And I'll leave you with a video I took this morning. If you click on the link below, it should take you right to it. Enjoy!


  1. LOVE them!!! So cute! We will enjoy watching them grow up on here! Enjoy!! - <3 the Marshs

  2. They are going to have to grow into those ears! So much fun to watch.