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Friday, March 25, 2011

Layer Chicks and Turkey Poults!

 We brought home ten new babies today to the Double F! We ended up with 4 barred rock pullets, 2 Rhode Island Red Pullets, 2 Silver Laced Wyandottes, and a first for us...2 Turkey poults! (I realized on the way home that we had no idea the breed, whoops!) In the photo above I am getting everybody settled in thr brooder in the chicken house. For the first time ever we are starting the chicks out in the ACTUAL chicken house, as opposed to keeping them in the house for the first few weeks. Having a nice chicken house has been a major bonus for us this spring and there is plenty of room for the small brooder on the floor. The rest of the flock seems very interested, and I am happy that everybody has the chance to hear eachother right from the beginning. Hopefully this will make the chick introduction even smoother in a few months.
 Here's one of our turkey poults! Very cute, which I am savoring since I think grown turkeys are the UGLIEST things ever! (but very tastey) I wonder if we have males or females, but only time will tell.
As you can probably gather from the number of chicks we brought home, I decided to get 8 more laying hens, bring our hen to rooster ratio back down to 8:1, and hopefully making everyone happy come summer. Above you can see Mr. WookieFoot in the rafters, our 'new' rooster....Here's to hoping these new girls will bring him down into the flock more often. He has always been a little aloof, and now we know why.

Well, for now, we are off and running with the spring babies on the ranch! Stay tuned for the arrival of: baby meat birds, weaner piglets, and Nubian kids someday soon!

Hugs and dog hair~ The Jack Creek Coyles

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  1. dennissue@att.netMarch 27, 2011 at 8:19 AM

    Love them! Good luck with all the new babies and I can't wait to see some baby pigs and goats! I wish we lived just down the road so we could come visit the Coyle farm!