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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bok.. Bok.. Bagok!

Here's more chick and poult photos from this gorgeous spring morning.
First of all, wanted to let you know we started all of our chicks (turkeys included) on Flock Raiser, which is the same feed we give our grown poultry. Normally with layer chicks, we start them on a medicated chick starter feed, but since we plan to eat the turkeys someday, we can't give them anything medicated.
Also in the photo above you can see they type of chick feeder use in the brooder.
The flock is very interested in the brooder, especially Delilah Jones, our barred rock. I am hoping this will cause her to go broody this spring and maybe we can even hatch some chicks here at home!
The turkeys are the stripey ones that have little feathers on their wings already.
One of my buff orpingtons getting to work in the nesting box.
WookieFoot keeps a close eye on the brooder chicks from above.

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  1. Love, love, love the babies (especially the turkeys). Makes me think I need to get my incubator out and filled up with some eggs...