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Monday, March 28, 2011

Finished Goat Kidding Pen!

 OK, so I'm posting twice in one day. Someone alert the press, right?
Thing is, we finished the kidding pens today and I'm all excited about it.
Above is Ed putting the finishing touches on one of the kidding pen doors.
 Feeding some snacks to the herd. Always a popular event.
 Rounding up the pregnant doe to test out our completed kidding pen. She's almost in at this point.
 She likes it! (As long as there is food involved, Janet likes ANYTHING.)
 On the top is her water bucket (right now it has food in it though to lure her in...), on the bottom right is the heat lamp, and on the left is the door!
Wide Load!

For the first time since we have gotten our goats (ten months), we filtered some power into the goat shed today. Just before sunset this evening, I hooked up a small light bulb from the ceiling, and a baby monitor (receiving end) on a tall shelf inside the shed. We lured the herd inside and locked them in for the night! This is a long overdue action, and we are SO lucky that we have not had any predator problems over the last year while allowing the goats to bed down wherever they want at night 'in the wild'. I was not ready to take the chance during kidding season, however.
After turning on our end of the monitor system in the house, we laughed as the goats crashed around inside the shed and munched on hay, both events easily audible in our bedroom. I feel happy they are not spending their first night locked in a completely darkened shed, but amidst the luxury of the small 14watt bulb instead.
As they become accustomed to sleeping locked in, however, I think I will opt out of an all night lit atmosphere for them. But, for now, I uphold my nightlight requirement for my little buddies.
New bedrooms can sometimes be creepy.
Anywho, just wanted to share.
Happy and Hippy~ The Jack Creek Coyles


  1. How exciting. Thanks sharing. I love it when new "digs" work out!

  2. Everyone should sleep better now - that's a good idea, giving them a security light until they get used to their new sleeping arrangements. Looking forward to meeting the new kids!

  3. You take really good care of your herd :) I can't wait to see the new kids!