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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Get Your Top Down!!!!

Careful, this blog post may change your life......orrrrrrr, you may be like, what is this guy writing about!

First off, it's snowing like crazy! As I write this, the "lights" are currently being turned on outside and exposing a gorgeous snow covered morning. Looks like there is another 4 or so inches on the pine trees this morning on top of all the snow we've gotten in the last week or two. Yesterday, Katie Rose and I went up to Big Sky and I'd say there was close to 3 feet at the base of the ski area. It's a winter wonderland up there. I'm gonna go for a ski this weekend in between chores I've been putting off, and the exciting Cat/Griz showdown. For those of you not from the area (which is most of you), that's Montana State(Bozeman) vs. University of Montana (Missoula). Montana State is currently in first place in the Big Sky Conference. We haven't beaten the Griz since 2005, and a win today will ensure their first conference championship since 2005.

I've recently discovered a new (old timey) way to start a fire in the woodstove. It's the way to go. On the campfire, I will always be a fan of the tipi. But not in the woodstove anymore. It's called a Top Down Fire, and here's how it goes, to the tune of The Hokey Pokey (What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about???):
You put your big logs down
and then your kindling on.
Then you crumple up some paper and you get your matches out

The paper starts to burn and it sends the hot coals down

That's what it's all about.

It's genius! From now on, you won't put your fire out by putting a big ol log on top of your nice little kindling fire. Just light it and let it go.
I wish this blog post was exciting as the program we watched on electric eels last night. But I think the beavers may have eaten all the eels in Jack Creek. Which reminds me. Yesterday I came across some serious beaver activity in the creek below the house. This is pretty exciting and could mean a future blog post about the Castor canadensis.
Well, enjoy your Saturday. If you read this, let us know. We never know if anyone does and I'm starting to wonder if it's worth my time. Think Snow!!!


  1. I read! You may have also noticed that my mother also does! haha....I think she commented somewhere. She is also a blogger and loves yours. Sounds like winter is there in full force!

  2. Nico wasn't a fan of this version of the song because he didn't get to clap. He is suggesting a clap portion inserted somewhere. Xo