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Monday, November 15, 2010

Fart Eggs!

I advise everyone to just sit down and breathe. Three posts in three days. Shocking.

So, I mentioned yesterday that a few of our hens had recently graduated into the laying stage of life. Some of you may be asking yourselves, "How do you know which hens are laying which eggs?" And the answer is, unless you are paying very close attention to your flock through out the day, you won't.

Unless they have some sort of chicken Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, your chickens will lay in different places and at different times, with each passing day. Sometimes a hen might decide she prefers a certain nest or a certain time of day to lay her eggs, but unless you have enough nests for each hen to have her own at all times, she will SURELY change her mind eventually, or have it changed for her...

When a young hen starts to lay, her first few eggs are quite small as her body adjusts to the sudden changes. Sometimes they may be without a yolk or even a shell! No need to worry, she is just figuring it all out. These first, strange oddball eggs are called Fart Eggs!

*Yes, feel free to take a moment to laugh like a six-year-old, it's OK.

As you can see from the photo, the center egg is a Fart Egg, compared to the rest it is quite teeny. This has been the trend in our coop lately here at the Double F, so I can be assured that the girls are busy getting started with their laying stages. I am happy!

Something else you can notice from the picture is the color variety of eggs. Each differing breed of chicken, lays a different color of egg. We have all brown layers, but the woman that we care take for has several white layers, and even some "Easter Eggers" as some chicken farmers like to call them. Araucanas, or "Easter Eggers", a variety of hen originating from Chile, lay blue or green eggs! Next spring when I choose a few new types of chicks to order, Araucanas are first on my list. Not only do they lay fancy colored eggs, but they are gorgeous with their intricately colored feathers as well.

Although your chickens may lay eggs of varying shape, size, and color, they will all taste the same and look great on your plate when served! Enjoy your Monday.

Much Love, from Jack Creek

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