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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Heck-tic times!

I'm sorry I haven't been posting the last few days.
Our lives are a little CRRRRAAAZZY right now.
Here's a short summary of the currentness.


We visited two local Bozeman goat farms on Saturday morning. One of them had Nubian Dairy Goats, and the other had Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy Goats. I was pretty interested in both Nubians and Nigerians via information that I had read in books, and even though I had yet to lay eyes on either type, thought I might want a couple of each.
I ended up not liking the Nigerians very much, and decided on strictly Nubians. Ed and I each picked out one yearling, and I need to go back out to the farm in the next couple of weeks and pick myself a milking doe as well. (it was REALLY hard to make a decision because they are all so pretty and sweet and each has their own look) Most of the does have just 'kidded' which means to have had baby goats, and whichever doe I pick will come free with her brand new baby goats. We will most likely end up with four or five Nubian Dairy goats to bring home in May, only ONE of them will be producing milk. The other three or four goats will need at least another year to grow and mature before they are 'freshened' or bred, and ready for milking. Typically, one full grown Nubian doe (3 or 4 yrs old) will produce about a quart of milk a day, which should be plenty for just a household of two adults.
The owner of the farm, Jenifer, sent us home with a gallon of fresh milk and a couple of pounds of goat meat to try out. They were really nice people, and I look forward to learning more from Jenifer as we barrel, full speed ahead into the land of dairy goats!
Up next in goat prep: fence building, stay tuned!


Now that Ed and I are moving to Jack Creek, we are getting rid of my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Sad, but having four cars in the driveway at our new home really doesn't make much sense. It's time to thin the herd. Over the last week (since it's been posted for sale) we have been wading through a sea of emails, voice mails, driveway visitors, and test drives.....UGH. So painfully time consuming. I hope it sells soon!

2010 Spring Ski Season

Sunday was Big Sky Resort's Last day of the season, we skied.
Monday was the Yellowstone Club's Last day of the season, we skied.
Today, Tuesday, we are expected to get 10-16" of fresh snow?!?!.....stay tuned for more skiing apparently. Sigh.


In big 'Spring-ter' gardening news, I have transplanted a whole crew of seedlings into 6" pots over the past few days! Among the successful growers, we've got at least 10 tomato plants, 6 pepper plants, 6 cucumber plants, and 3 basil plants. It's a start! Some things that I have done differently this year: heat lamps above plants, instead of transplanting my seedlings into straight potting soil, I have created a very soft (50/50 germination mix/potting) soil mixture to work with. They seem to like it, wish me luck. I will desperately need it.

Chickens~ The Gateway Animal Part 2~ is coming in May, when I introduce our babies to the hens! Stay tuned....

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