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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Getta Move On

Katie's been tryin to get me to write on this thing so I thought I'd give it a shot tonight. I definitely like the photos, but hopefully I don't put too many in here. Today was a beautiful day here in Southwest Montana. After looking at the weather, which usually means nothing here, I decided that today would be the best day to try to move most of our stuff from Bozeman to Jack Creek.

Instead of gettin after it with a U-HAUL or a Budget Rental Truck, I had a good friend loan me his horse trailer for a few days. He's a fishing guide, and he's guiding for the next few weeks down on the Big Horn River. As I write this, he or his clients most likely have a sore arm from playing MONSTER Big Horn Rainbows. Needless to say, he wasn't gonna need his horses, or his trailer today. It's big and burly and it came in handy. Check it out.

I should have had someone give me a hand today, but as usual, I thought I could do it all myself. I spent the entire morning packing and loading. SWEET! I really thought I was gonna be able to get out and fish the Madison in the afternoon, but at 12:00, when I hadn't even left the driveway in Bozeman, I knew fishin was out of the question. All morning, Pfeiffer and Hattie were extremely anxious and watching my every move. I'm pretty sure they thought we got some new type of camper, and we were going camping later.

After a few hours, I just started tossing things in, but really started to think about having too much weight. Working on a home remodel project in the mountains east of Missoula recently, I loaded my truck up with so much weight in Missoula, it wasn't even funny. I wish I took a picture, but I put concrete mix all over Reserve St that day. So I had that on my mind.

Once you leave the town of Ennis, there is two different routes to take to get up to our house. In the winter one way doesn't get as blown in with snow, and pulling a trailer today, I figured the mellow route that takes a bit longer would be the way to go. Passing by the Jumping Horse Ranch, the views of Cedar Mountain are incredible.

Here's a bit earlier on the trip taking a rest after climbing the Norris Hill. The Tobacco Root Mountains can be seen in the background.

I was a bit concerned with pulling the trailer and the condition of our road after a recent big spring snowfall, but the warm temperatures melted most of the snow down in lower elevations, and just created a little mud. This road stays covered in snow most of the winter, but is usually kept in pretty good shape. I drove it everyday for 2 years, building Fossel's house, and I think I helped pull only one lady out of the ditch on a REALLY icy day, and helped someone else out with a flat on another day.

After a slow creep up the Jack Creek road, I finally pulled into our driveway.

Here's the view out the kitchen window. Gonna have to get a good scope to set up to look at the mountain goats up there.

Spring is starting to take over up there and the house is starting to look a bit inviting

Here's a shot of Fan Mountain from the driveway. I hope to have future posts involving climbing around and skiing on this incredible peak.

Well, there you have it. Katie's posts are usually informative and what-not, not mine. Mine are just what ever I feel like writing. At least for now. Hope you enjoy it and it inspires EVERYONE that reads this to come visit.


  1. AH! of course when i'm not there it's sunny you lucky duck!

  2. All you had to do was ask...I'd have helped ya move.

  3. Ed I thought your piece was very informative, I enjoyed it immensely.

  4. Nice job, Ed! Katie, you're a lucky woman!

  5. Nice work guys!! Love the blog, look forward to following it. I'll add a link from Mountain Fresh Deals

  6. Love it! It's really making my wheels turn about when we could work in a trip there! I love the blog and the photos - you should write a book!