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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Green DIY Cleaning Recipes

A couple of you requested some helpful links:

The first one is great for different laundry detergent recipes. I have saved a couple of empty liquid detergent containers that I fill with some homemade soapy love.

A couple of things to remember that I learned the hard way......

  1. Never pour hot or boiling liquid into an empty plastic vessel. Pour cool water in first, then add the hotness later.
  2. Leave about two inches of headroom at the top of the detergent containers for SHAKING the detergent. It will congeal, and you will have to shake it up each time you want to pour it out. (Remember to put the lid on tightly after each use or you will have a shakey soapy explosion, ask Ed about this....)
  3. If you are out of ivory bar soap, liquid castille soap (like Doc Bronners) will work in a pinch.


Below is a general link to some homemade cleaning ideas.
My personal favorites are the vinegar/water spray for every surface imaginable, and the borax straight dumped into the toilet and let sit for a while, then scrub. As good as bleach!


It's really amazing the money you save with DIY home cleaning products.

Have fun and happy green cleaning!

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