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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bear with us!

So...I am really not too sure how to write a blog, but this premise has never stopped me from trying new things, so here goes! As some of you may or may not know already, Ed and I are about to embark on a new life adventure. This blog will chronicle our adventures, trials, and tribulations of life in the wild wild west! In just a few short weeks, we are moving to a ranch just outside of Ennis, Montana. Ed has taken a position as Ranch Manager (aka: Caretaker) of The Double F Ranch, where he built a gorgeous home a couple of years ago for the owners. We feel so lucky to have this opportunity, and it is a major bonus already knowing the people he will be working for. We will soon be living on close to 12,000 acres of Montana mountain wilderness, caring for three homes (one of them being our own), several back country hunting cabins, and a bunch of animals. The ranch is approximately 14 miles, down a rugged dirt road, from downtown Ennis, a bustling town of 1,200 people. Ennis is known nationally for their awesome fly fishing, being situated on the Madison River which runs out of the Yellowstone River. The Madison Valley was known to the native people of the area as 'The Land of the Shining Mountains', and when you look around you, it is easy to see why. Another "nearby" city to our new abode is Big Sky, Montana. At about 12 miles away, we will have easy access to the 'Biggest Skiing in America', and we couldn't be more excited about it. Having endured the last few winters of looooong bus rides from Bozeman to Big Sky, we are ready for an uber-short commute to some awesome powder days. The town of Big Sky is not much larger than that of Ennis, population-wise, boasting a crowd of about 1,600. What they do have, however, is tourist friendly attractions such as restaurants and alot of live musical entertainment. Thank goodness too, as Ed and I love ourselves some good food, cocktails, and live music every now and again! Who doesn't?! To get back the point of this blog....wow, tangent....we are really excited to begin our new way of life, and through this blog, I plan to take you with us. So buckle your belts, and bring a sweater.

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